Avas Hurt Ankle

DirtyDeesProd presents Delilahs Day, Ava Sinclair

Ava has just got home from work and meets Delilah on the living room sofa. Delilah asks Ava how her day was and Ava lets her know she hurt her ankle. Delilah concerned lets Ava know she has some medical training and asks her to take a look at it. Ava in pain is willing to do whatever to get some relief. Delilah gently rubs and begins to put her tongue on Avas foot. Ava a bit shocked but cannot help but to feel better. Delilah tells Ava not to worry this is a technique she learned. Delilah licks kisses and sucks all around Avas feet. Ava likes it so much she hands Ava her other foot to Delilah and tells her her other ankle is in pain. Delilah is happy to help and goes after Avas other foot.