No Time For Me

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, mj

MJ is upset because ever since Mia married her step-dad he spends all her time with her and she feels left out. Even now she catches Mia in their "playroom" waiting for him to spend even more time together while MJ is left to fend for herself. It isn't fair and MJ plans to show her stepmother just how wicked she can be if they find a better way to share. Mia is trapped wearing only lingerie leaving her skin exposed for MJ to explore. She heard her step-father mention how ticklish Mia was on their way downstairs one day and she plans to see just how much Mia can take before she agrees to stop taking up all her step-dad's time. Mia jumps at the first goose of her ribs. She then begins to laugh and scream as she demands that MJ let her out. This is before MJ asks her how ticklish her feet must be. A few seconds later her wrinkly soles are soaked in oil and at the mercy of MJ's long nails. She even throws in a few butt tickles for good measure. Will MJ's stepmother give in?