Barbie At The Bar

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, mj

MJ was out at the bar when she met this voluptuous blond with sexy long toes and legs for days. With a little smooth talking she managed to talk this barbie doll back to her place where she continued to comment on how nice her feet look. Her leggy acquaintance asks if she would like to have a look at them without her heavy heels in the way. MJ jumps at the opportunity and slips off her black high heels so she can runs her fingers across those wrinkly soles. MJ then asks if she can get an even closer look at her bare feet. To her elation, she is greeted with a coo of affirmation and begins to lick between the toes she has been admiring all night long. Freshly removed from her heels MJ is amazed at the vanilla flavor of her arches. Smothered by her sole, MJ soaks up the bottom of that beautiful foot as she lies back to revel in her victorious night out.