Pits On The Rack

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, mj

Mia's armpits are one of the most ticklish parts on her body and MJ has been given the green light to push her to the limits of exhaustion as she teases her shapely hollows with feathers and fingers. Mia laughs and cries out through her gag as she struggles to pull her arms down to protect her sensitive underarms to no avail. MJ tickled her breathless more than once during this clip and she particularly enjoyed how ticklish Mia's nipples were to her pair of feathers. Her nails dig into Mia's skin so vigorously she turns red as she laughs harder and harder into her cleave gag. MJ throws Mia a few breaks from the pit tickling but only to attack her ribs and hips to re-sensitize her for more tickling seconds later. You can see how tough this video was for Mia by the look on her face at the end. What a trooper!