Reflexology Squared

DirtyDeesProd presents Vanessa Cage, milf

Vanessa has only had her feet worshiped one time before in her life and she is still on the fence about having someone interact with her feet so intimately. She loves reflexology though so MJ told her before the shoot to think of it as "just like that only better"! In the end, I'm not sure she was totally convinced but it was still great to see her agile toes and bountiful wrinkles receiving some love from MJ. This girl definitely takes care of her peds and you can tell that MJ is really getting into her session as she runs her tongue between Vanessa's cute little piggies as they wiggle reflexively. She especially loves the beauty mark on Vanessa's left foot. Count yourselves lucky that Vanessa decided to bravely bare her soles to the world.