We Need To Talk

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, brooke thomsen

Brooke has been noticing you staring at her feet whenever you get together and she has been wondering if you might have a foot fetish. She has heard a lot about guys who are into feet and she thought she might take the time to sit down with you and discuss a little bit about your apparent obsession. What is it about her feet that draws you to them? Her wrinkly soles? The way her toes wiggle? What would you do with them if you had them in your hands? Brooke reveals all the things she likes to have done to her feet and shares a few experiences from her past involving her feet as she removes her sandals and slowly moves her feet and toes, watching your every reaction to her foot teasing. You have to be careful with feet so precious because Brooke is awfully ticklish but if you play your cards right you could be one of the lucky few to handle her feet. Would you like to see her feet worshiped? Maybe, if you are lucky, she will let her friend MJ spend some time working her tongue across her soles, bathing them with her warm, wet massage. MJ even sneaks in a few tickles at the end of your time together. Brooke hopes to see you again soon. Truth be told, she likes the attention because you make her feel special when you admire her soft feet and cute little toes.