Stepdaughter Has Cute Feet

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, mj

MJ just got back from her weekly pedicure. Her stepmother, Mia, told her to sit down on the couch so they could have a little chat while her step-father is at work. MJ isn't sure what to expect. Her stepmom is only a few years older than her and seems nice but they have only known each other for a few months since she got engaged to her step-dad. Mia seems shy as she begins running a finger along the top of MJ's socked foot. She asks MJ if she has ever been into anything kinky before while she slips the sock off. MJ wonders if her stepmom may have a foot fetish. She has read about them online but has only ever had boys say anything about her feet before. When Mia starts licking MJ's arch she knows their little chat isn't going to be what she expected. Her long toes are caressed by Mia's mouth as she wraps around them in a warm embrace. It seems Mia isn't ready to completely give up the wild days of her youth now that she is preparing for monogamy. MJ doesn't seem to mind. After all, it is nice to be the sole center of attention.