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DirtyDeesProd presents celeste, mj

MJ and Celeste are sitting on the couch playing with their phones when Celeste glanced over to see what her friend was up to. Much to her surprise she sees that MJ appears to be checking out pictures of girls licking each others feet! When she asks MJ what she is doing, MJ just smiles and tries to hide her phone only to have Celeste grab it from her and point to the bare feet still up on her screen. When questioned about this kinky search entry, MJ reveals that her new boyfriend has a thing for her lovely slender, long size 10.5 feet. He wants to suck her toes and even talked about having MJ bring another girl over to lick her feet in front of him. Celeste can't help but laugh at the ridiculous notion. Seeing that her friend is embarrassed, Celeste tries to comfort her friend. After all, she really does have sexy feet, always clean with a fresh pedicure. Celeste even mentions how nice they smell after getting closer to her friends feet. Teasing MJ, Celeste says "So you are going to have someone sucking on your cute toes now, huh? Like this?" With that, Celeste takes hold of MJ's bare feet and proceeds to run her tongue along the length of her soft sole, stopping at the toes to suckle each one. MJ can't help but laugh at first at this new, ticklish sensation but as Celeste continues, she really starts to unwind, relax and experience just how much pleasure she can experience from having her feet worshiped. Curiosity may have the cat but it seems to have awoken a foot fetishist!