MJ Meets Mia

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia

MJ was really nervous to meet Mia. I told her that Mia really wanted to worship her feet which got her adorably flustered during their first scene together. She knows how experienced Mia is and gets bashful when Mia tells her how cute her feet are. MJ slowly unties Mia's shoelaces and slips them off before peeling off her socks to reveal a beautiful pair of wrinkly size 9 soles. Wasting no time before her tongue descends upon Mia's legendary arches, MJ soaks her soles before licking each toe. The girls share a little candid exposition with one another while MJ worships Mia's feet such as which toe each girl likes getting sucked on the most. Look carefully and you will spot Mia eyeing MJ's bare feet during the scene.