DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, Hope Harper

Hope went to the Shady Day Spa today for her first massage ever. She was particularly nervous about undressing for the occasion. Having only a towel to maintain her modesty makes her feel so vulnerable. As soon as the masseuse begins to touch her, Hope freaks out and asks the girl to massage somewhere less personal like her legs. Her masseuse agrees to massage her legs but get intimate in a hurry when she places her tongue on Hopes bare sole. Surprisingly, Hope finds the experience more pleasant than alarming. One thing leads to another as Hope continues to moan with pleasure as her feet are subjected to a warm, moist deep tissue massage unlike anything she has ever experienced before. With a few more towels to keep her dignity intact, Hope than rolls over to allow the masseuse to better continue her technique. *NOTE: The first half of this video was eaten by the camera. As a result, the clip has been discounted.*