MJ Pit Payback

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, mj

MJ messed with the wrong tickler this time. After giving Mia's armpits a debilitating tickling she finds herself now tied to the rack unable to cry out for help through her gag before Mia pounces on her equally ticklish armpits while she thrashes and laughs her head off. Mia has such a devious way of teasing her prey, promising them the end is near just as she zeros in on a particularly ticklish spot building MJ's laughter to a fever pitch. Mia coos with the most adorable baby talk as she seeks out the worst spot on MJ's armpits and tickles until her face turns beat red from laughing so hard. This game continues as Mia teases out a vulnerable area with her feathers and then strikes with her fingers as she teases her ticklish little baby. From the smile glued to Mia's face it is clear she loves her chance to show MJ was a true tickler is capable of.