Toes Together Mia

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, mj

Mia can't help but struggle to get away whenever she is tickled. MJ fears that she won't be able to get the best laughter out of her if she isn't properly restrained so she decides to try on some toe cuffs. This works like a charm as Mia is too afraid to hurt herself to even contemplate moving but as a result her bare feet are subjected to all the sensations MJ has in store for her. As a result she can't stop laughing even as she struggles to keep her feet still when MJ tickles her with feathers and vibrators and brushes all over her oily feet as she screams and laughs. MJ's favorite techniques involved feathers between Mia's toes and combing the tips. It's funny how such a gentle touch could leave Mia crying for MJ to leave her feet alone! MJ is far too tempted to stop now that she has this tickling goddess at her fingertips.