Tickle Tapout Samantha Vs Chloe

DirtyDeesProd presents Samantha, Chloe Foster

Samantha has been wrestling at superactionfight for some time now, she is getting pretty good and thinks she can take on Chloe and win. Chloe is ticklish, but there are no tickling videos of her anywhere for reference, there are tons of Samantha. Chloe knows all of her spots, Samantha goes into the match without any info. The girls wrestle around and it doesnt take long for Chloe to find out that everything she thought about Samantha is true, she is extremely ticklish everywhere. Samantha does her best to tickle her back, and in the end she has to resort to some dirty tactics. It still isnt enough for Samantha as Chloe gets her to tapout with some upperbody tickling.