Zombie Tickles

DirtyDeesProd presents Mia, unknown

Dr Mia is doing unorthodox research to try to discover if zombies can feel any emotion and possibly be brought back to a more human state. She has a newly transformed zombie on her rack still in her schoolgirl uniform. Dr Mia starts off with a vitals check, next some pocking that the zombie doesnt appreciate. Anger is expected, so Dr Mia wants to see if she can induce any other emotions. Dr Mia examines the zombie's feet, amazingly the virus has not affected them and they are gorgeous. Dr Mia decides to see how the zombie will react to sensual touch, especially foot worship. The zombie is annoyed at first, then after a while starts to exhibit someting more, she may be getting turned on! Next Dr Mia tries some tickling, the zombie again is angry at first but soon some of the infected schoolgirl's former personality comes through and the zombie starts to laugh. Dr Mia notices that the zombie has great tits and a nice body, in fact her zombie specimen is simply sexy, zombie or not! Dr Mia starts to rub her clit through her panties, and with the right scientific method, the zombie cums hard. Dr Mia is amazed at her findings and leaves to make her report that newly formed zombies can display some traits of their former self. However, Mia did not uncover that her patient was a mean spirited vengeful schoolgirl brat, and now she is hell bent on revenge.